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Tile and Grout Cleaning Prices How Much Does It Cost in Sydney?

Tile and Grout Cleaning Prices: The Ultimate Pricing Guide 2022

Tile and Grout Cleaning Prices? The ‘at-home’ cleaning programs only work for tiles, but for grouts, seeking professional assistance is a must. Because of the porous surface, grouts catch bacteria, mold, and all kinds of germs along with dirt and grease. Coming in contact with bacterial and mold growth can result in several critical respiratory ailments and skin issues.

Due to this reason, routine steam cleaning and pressure washing are crucial to keeping the grouts in the best fit condition. Usually, tile and grout cleaning prices differ from one cleaning firm to another. As an estimation, a professional can ask for approximately $450 for a single room. And if sealant and deep cleaning are added to the services, the cost might rise up to $1000.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Prices How Much Does It Cost in Sydney

What factors affect the Tile and grout cleaning prices?

There are a number of factors that affect tile and grout cleaning prices. Here we would talk about them briefly:

  • Size of the room: When it comes to determining prices, the size of the room plays the primary role. While some cleaning firms could ask for a flat rate for each room, others might set the price by the square foot measurements. The standard price rate for tile and grout cleaning is between $200 to $400/hour. Well depending on the service type and products used, the cost could come to around $500 to $1000. The bigger the room, the more the service charge.
  • Tile & grout type: Different tile and grout types have different cleaning requirements, affecting the price rates. For example, if your premises have stone tile flooring, the grouts are definitely needed to be sealed followed by a cleaning program to retain their condition. This additional service could add to total prices.
  • Convenience: You might also need to pay a little more than the usual cost for the cleaning program if the tile and grout area is hard to access. The extra amount will be added to the labor wage. The experts would give you an onsite quote mentioning the upfront price to avoid confusion later.
  • Service type: Depending on the tile and grout condition of your premises, the experts decide whether you require a regular surface or a deep cleaning amenity. And regardless of mention, the cost of the deep cleaning is always higher than the former one. While the surface cleaning cost could rotate between $ 1.5 to $ 2.5/Sq ft, the deeper cleaning could typically come to around $3.5 to $5.0.
  • Time: There are a few firms that hold the tile and grout cleaning cost calculating hours. The most standard price rates held per hour for tile and grout cleaning is around $250 to $200. Companies usually ask for hourly cleaning fees for big projects.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Prices: Commercial Vs Residential

There is no such difference between the price of commercial and residential tile and grout cleaning. The products, cleaning approaches, chemicals, and tools used in both the cleaning service cost the same. However, the only difference lies in the size of the tiles. Usually, the tiles used in commercial premises are larger, which increases the cleaning cost when measured in square feet. Generally, for commercial units, the tile and grout cleaning costs range between $2.00 to$2.50 on every square foot.

Are the Tile and grout cleaning prices that professionals ask worthy?

As now you are well aware of the factors that significantly make changes in the cleaning cost, let’s find out whether the price the professionals hold for the service is worth it. Here we will break down the cost of the total tile and grout cleaning program and discuss it briefly.

The cleaning cost

Professional tile and grout cleaners will perform a wide range of cleaning activities to make your tiles and grouts sparkling, spotless, and germ-free. The services involve mopping, scrubbing, hot water extraction, pressure washing, and more, relying on the condition. So, yes the cleaning cost is worth every penny. Speaking of the cleaning cost, the flat fee rate is always a money-saving option compared to the square foot price. The flat rate involves paying the total cost of a project. That means no matter how many tiles and grout the premises have, the price will be the same.

The cost of sealing

Sealant of the grouts is the final touch of a tile and grout cleaning session. Sealants shield the grouts from further possibilities of dirt, germs, and grease accumulation for a longer period of time. So speaking of the worth, the additional investment in grout sealing is absolutely praiseworthy. Well, the sealant cost focuses on the type of tiles and grout and the size of the area required to seal. On top of that, the number of sealant coats the professionals apply to the grouts also determines the total cost.

Final Words: Tile and Grout Cleaning Prices

You can’t expect to pay the same tile and grout cleaning prices that your neighbor, friends, or relatives have paid for their premises even if you hire the same service provider. Also, the professionals can’t give you an upfront quote over the phone. The professionals would at first assess the overall condition of the tiles and grouts before making any comment on the price rates.