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About Us

711 Tile Grout Cleaning- Sydney #1 Tile Cleaners

711 Tile Grout Cleaning is Sydney’s oldest and most renowned tile cleaner. The company was established around 20 years ago in Sydney and currently, it has become one of the leading names in the industry.

Firstly, we started our services in Sydney and CBDs, then we expanded ourselves to 5-6 suburbs, then to 50-60 suburbs and now we are available for all suburbs of Sydney.

With a skilled team and industry-grade resources, 711 Tile Grout Cleaning serves both residential and commercial units with care and dedication. Besides serving the core regions of Sydney, the locally-owned company has stretched its reach and offered its flawless tile and grout cleaning services to the neighbouring locations, suburbs, and metro regions. We are available 24/7 and offer our services even on holidays.

Employing expertise and state-approved methods, we believe in offering the best possible tile and grout cleaning services while keeping the price rate pocket-friendly. This is possible because we are a certified company licensed by the NSW authority and our professionals have certifications from IICRC. We are ready to put all our efforts into saving your floor and tiles.

Our Values

We are very serious about our values and obey them word by word, which includes:

Serve clients with dedication

We are proud to say that we never took our clients for granted. With our team and resources, we have tried our best and catered to individual requests and requirements, instead of applying the one-size-fits-all approach. Also, to fit into the criteria and budget of our clients, we happily customise our services and amenities. And this is what distinguishes us from our alternatives. We always stand by our morals and values and take responsibility for everything we are liable for all. And due to our hard work, diligence, and service quality we are trusted by hundreds of people in Sydney.

We believe ourselves to be the pioneer

We are never afraid to call ourselves bold because we never keep ourselves restricted from making experiments. Every member of our team adapts themselves to the changing tile and grout cleaning technologies. We embrace creativity and future technologies and gradually implement them in our tile and grout cleaning business. We never overlooked our mistakes. Being in the industry for 20+ years, we have learned from our own mistakes. That is why we value the feedback of our clients. And today, we feel proud to declare that our business owns 5star ratings and reviews. Behind this milestone achievement, there is a unique contribution from each and every member of the 711 Tile Grout Cleaning team.

Keeps your trust

We never run away from our responsibilities. We constantly train, support, and motivate our new and old members to give their best. The company gives equal priority to all clients, if something mishap occurs from our end, we never argue, instead we fix it as compensation. We always work as a team and stand by each other.

Surpass client expectation

We have gone through a lot of hardships, downfalls, and criticism during our growth phase, but there is one thing that we keep in our priority and that is quality services. And probably this is the reason that it is a reliable and trustworthy tile and grout cleaning service provider. We set the price of our service very reasonable, and introduced versatility and customization in our offerings to meet our client’s needs, giving them a seamless experience. Because of our top-of-the-line tools, technologies, and solutions, our offered service provides a long-term result, keeping the value of our client’s investment.

Entire Sydney Is Our Love: We Serve Everywhere Safely

Over all these years, our only goal has been to bring a change into the lives of Sydney homeowners and businesses who use tiles on their floors. We are dedicated to making your home’s and office’s tile and grouts spotless and germ-free, enhancing your mood, health, and potentiality. Also, our cleaning treatments are all eco-safe which means our work won’t cause any harm to your house environment. On top of that, all our employees get a peaceful, safe, and healthy work ambience. We aim to build a better society where our employees and clients grow well and stay safe.

Location: 40 Bridge St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia